Let’s start this by saying...

...of course I’m writing my own bio, because who else would do such a sad task?! (I don’t even wanna do this).

Having that out of the way, let me do what I do best… talk about myself!

Born and raised in Mexico, I moved to the United States with my best friend at 19 years old.

After working in a million different fields, movie production became a big part of my life and something I loved doing.

I worked in every aspect of the film industry, from acting to making short films, followed by independent movies, and finally network projects. 

I quickly realized that was a great way to pay the bills, but not necessarily what made me happy, so I made another one of those life adjustments to combine my biggest passions: CARS + FILMMAKING + FRIENDS.

I started a Youtube channel 2 years ago with one goal in mind: To have a blast showing others cars in a different way based on what my life passions are.

Today I’m loving my life. I get to be creative every single day, by making as many shows as possible with my closest friends and my wife at my side, and I will continue to do this as long as it keeps making me feel the same way.

Yes! I also have a million jobs on the side to still afford my lifestyle that vary from technology, dairy industry, real estate, entertainment, and much more, but I’m not here to bore you with that side of my life, so let’s keep it focused on fun, friendships, adventures, and cars!