CBD for pets

CBD for pets

As everyone knows, Belen and I are huge animal lovers and try our best to put animals above everything else in life. You all have seen our dogs Fiona and Bella in our videos, and we get questions all the time like how we got them, what we feed them, and more. I've mentioned in the past that we're massive supporters of CBD for pets and this always raises some controversy, so I wanted to share a story about our beloved pup Zoey to show you why we're such firm believers.

About 3 years ago, our 9-year-old French bulldog Zoey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We were told she didn't have more than 3-6 months to live, and that those 3-6 months would be a living hell of seizures and other major health issues. We were in pieces about everything going on and we didn't know what to do.

We were talking to some friends about the situation when one sent us a video of a dog owner explaining that her dog, who would have seizures, stopped having them completely when she started supplementing her dog's diet with CBD. Naturally, that got our attention because we were desperate to help Zoey, so we decided to try it.

At this point, Zoey was on a bunch of typical medicines prescribed to dogs with brain tumors. Nothing seemed to be helping her. All these medicines did was turn her into a lifeless zombie that could barely move, while not even eliminating the seizures.

From the very first day Zoey took CBD, it was a game changer. She visibly had more energy with each new day that passed, and the seizures stopped almost immediately. As weeks went on, we were able to lessen the amount of vet-prescribed medicine that she took, and we got more and more of our little girl back.

Zoey eventually passed away as we knew should would, but she lived an entire year from the doctor's original estimates of 3-6 months. And more importantly than that, that year was not filled with daily seizures and health issues like they predicted... her days were comfortable, loving, and happy.

So there you have it folks, this is why Belen and I support CBD the way that we do. From there, we've incorporated CBD into all of our pup's lives and it's clear that they're feeling better than ever! For those interested in giving this a shot to see what a beautiful difference it can make in your dog's lives, these are the products we'd personally recommend: